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At the RAS Cheese Show I was introduced to cheese I had never heard of before, Burrata.  

Burrata is an Italian cheese made from cows milk originating from the Puglia region. What makes it so interesting is that it looks like a money bag or pouch made from stretched curd mozzarella and inside is cream and mozzarella. When the pouch is cut the cream oozes out. Traditionally the pouch is wrapped in asphodel leaves which can be used as indicator of the freshness of the cheese. Burrata can also be sold in plastic bags. 

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The Burrata exhibited in the show today was from Vanella Cheese Factory. The taste was sweet and creamy and totally yummy.

So, having tried the cheese, it got me thinking. How do you eat or use Burrata? A quick search on google produced a couple of recipes. The recipe that interested me most was from the ‘At Home with Kim Vallée’ website. Kim combined the Burrata with vine ripened tomatoes, olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and basil.  Although I would not normally provide a cheese recipe, Burrata in my opinion is the kind of cheese that needs to be used in a dish rather than eaten independently. 

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I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. Burrata is a delicate, creamy, milky, soft delight and in Italy, and specifically Puglia (where Burrata is originally from) we eat it as is. No resipes, no condiments, no balsamic vinegar!! The only allowed exceptions are: Prosciutto San Daniele sliced ultra-thin; or 1 single turn of the peppermill; or a warm slice of Pane di Altamura, a local Puglia bread made with a natural leavening process and whole wheat.

Using burrata in a dish completely destroys its fragile substance. So forgive me but I have to insist: leave the burrata alone on the plate, scoop up the heavenly ooze and just enjoy its simplicity, please!

an Italian food integralist

Saw the burrata cheese featured in a salad at Kingsleys Crab and Steak House recently. Wish I had ordered it now as it sounds just so delightful!

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