Word Clouds


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There is this fantastic site that takes lists of words, or even blogs of words, and makes them into Word Clouds. I think that they are beautiful. For me there are just some words that make you happy to read them or to say them. Sometimes it’s because the word is associated to a good memory or good story. Sometimes it’s the symmetry of the spelling. Sometimes it’s really just whimsy. Put a bunch of those words into the word cloud generator and you get art and beauty.

Here is the link to Somethingtonibbleon’s word cloud based on the current posts. Funny how cheese is the biggest word in the bunch!


Good Food Month


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October is Good Food Month in Sydney. The month is filled with dinners, events and classes. It is foodie heaven! Every year in the last week of September the Sydney Morning Herald provides the program detailing the dinners, special events and activities available during GFM. This year the date was marked in my diary so I wouldn’t forget. Bright and early on the day I raced to the newsagent to get my copy.

The one hour train trip provided plenty of time to read through the guide marking out each event I wanted to go to. I think I went a little crazy but it all sounded so good! Check out the online guide at http://gfm.smh.com.au

Even before I got into work, my friends and I started SMS’ing back and forth to co ordinate what we wanted to go to. The key thing you have to know is that most of the events, classes and dinners sell out on the day that the program is released. So it’s really important to choose quickly and be ready to call the organiser to get your tickets. Events like the Young Chefs Dinner were sold out in hours.

It’s now October 21 and I have been having a blast! I am tired from late night dinners and more alcohol than the few sips a month I usually partake of but I have had lots of fun!

So far I have been to:

Blog posts to come soon on each of these experiences. 🙂

I still want to somehow slip in a Sugar Hit and a trip to the Night Noodle Markets.