Happy New Year!


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It’s 3:15am and I am just back from watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks in the city. Sydney is a marvellous backdrop for fireworks and the Harbour Bridge is used to great effect. My friends and I were so close to one of the fireworks barges that the whole building rocked as the fireworks exploded.
We had a fantastic night starting with dinner – beautiful marinated salmon cooked on a BBQ with fresh mushrooms, zuchini, asparagus and baby potatoes. Once we moved into the city we had lemon-lime tart, rich home made chocolate ice cream and moist cinnamon cake. We moved to the windows and ate cheese. I selected Valedeon (a yummy Spanish blue), a yummy English cheddar, two French triple cream bries and creamy gorgonzola dolce latte. (Plenty of leftovers for me to indulge in over the next couple of days too!)
I hope you all celebrate the arrival of the new year in the way that pleases you most.

Happy New Year!!!

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I’m intrigued – do you know what was in the marinade for the salmon? Happy New Year to you, with lots of cheesy grins.

Thanks Penny. Happy New Year to you as well.
The marinade was soy sauce, sherry or red wine, lemon juice and garlic.

I usually do an equal amount (say half a cup) of sherry/red wine and soy, with a clove or 2 of garlic and about half a lemon. This is good for 2-3 fillets.

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