Finally… I can add images


Posted by Nibbler | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 20-01-2009

I can’t tell you how distressing it has been not to be able to work this out. I was really concerned because I am part of the IT industry, these things come easy to me! I was somewhat molified when I googled and realised I wasn’t the only having trouble with images and WordPress.


I can’t wait to add all the posts that are so much better when they have the pictures to go with it.


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I too (as an IT professional) was having trouble with Word Press and picture posting… when I first started using it, it worked fine. A couple “upgrades” later, it would destroy my work. I’ve finally written a couple formulas in MS Excel, and use a mail-merge into MS Word to get the HTML code I need to insert pictures, the way I like ’em, into my posts. If you ever want/need that, let me know.

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