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It has been a crazy couple of months with my day job getting busy and lots of foodie like activities. You know it’s bad when it’s only just gone December and you already start formulating next years New Year’s Resolutions!
November saw my birthday come and go. A trip to Aria to spoil mum before a David Hobson concert. But best of all was the cheese making class I did. Oops! I forgot – there was Thanksgiving too! (A tale of two turkeys and a ham – no, not my friends and I! The menu!)
There are so many photos and entries to show and write! The back log is huge. I am really looking forward to the Christmas holidays to catch up. Are you already into the holiday craziness too?
Friday was my company’s Christmas party. It was at the Slip Inn, famous for being the location where the Danish prince met “our” Aussie Princess Mary.

This week is shaping up to be a great week of experiences too. This Saturday I went to an Australian Cheese Experience on Fort Denison in the middle of Sydney Harbour. Tomorrow friends and I are off to Aria to the Chef’s Table. I am really excited as the table is within the kitchen and you get to watch the service. Fingers crossed that Chef (Matt Moran) is working tomorrow night!
More to come….

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